Major Blog Series: Part III

Technology is advancing at an exponential rate. While it took roughly 10,000 years to go from writing to the printing press, it took just 500 more to go to E-Mail. Living through the pandemic has made us realize the need for technology to stay connected and updated with the happenings in the world. As discussed in the first two blogs of this series (AI and Logic), Artificial Intelligence forms a major component of this technology. The era we are living in was totally unimaginable 100 years ago. Now, when Alexa, Siri, or Google Assistant are our all-time companions, AI seems…

Major Blog Series: Part I

Artificial Intelligence is a part of the technology that deals with imitating the human brain, the way it thinks and reacts to certain things or activities. In a world where humans depend on technology for so many tasks, an era where Alexa, Siri, or Google Assistant are our all-time companions, AI seems to have an exhilarating impact on our everyday lives. From our favorite auto-correct to personalized recommendations based on our previous searches, everything has been made possible using AI. However, at the same time, it is worth discovering what makes AI so smart. As it happens, it is the…

Major Blog Series: Part II

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Logic seems reasonable most of the time, however, sometimes we need to think beyond limits. Humans have been using logic intuitively since they started to think. As it forms the basis of our thought processes, one can observe a closely-knit connection between logic and Artificial Intelligence. Precisely, “logic” is what an artificial brain can recognize and deduce patterns from, to understand novel ideas.

What makes a human brain exceptional is its ability to build subjective opinions depending on the context and gravity of the situation. An AI-driven brain, on the other hand, makes decisions based on a limited set of…

Review of Ch: Universities, by Earle Holland, from the book “A Field Guide for Science Writers”

Earle Holland creatively describes the culture and job of science writing at universities. He discusses some of the false beliefs most people have about the work and brings transparency to what it is actually like to be a science writer at a university. At diverse and research-oriented places, like the Ohio University, the challenge lies in prioritizing the stories rather than looking for one.

Science Communication
Science Communication
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Science writers may be referred to as Public Information Officers or PIOs at Universities. These people are required to stay updated with all kinds of research going on in the university and to be able to…

Review of a Stanford Medicine article by Keith Humphreys

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Oreo cookies have formed an important component of the market for the past many years. As per Target Market’s latest survey, 75% of the people had positive opinions about Oreos, and 7% buy them every week. The sweet delicacy was in a controversy when a press release stated that, “Oreos are as addictive as cocaine!”. And well-known outlets, namely, The Washington Post, Christian Science Monitor, and Time, were among the broadcasters. After looking for the source of this information, the author finally discovered that it was an undergraduate research project at Connecticut College in New London. This was quite surprising…

Review of a Prime Time talk by Ravish Kumar

Ravish Kumar has become a prominent media figure owing to his strong personality and speaking skills. Not to forget, he is a great journalist, an author, and by profession, the Senior Executive Editor of NDTV India. His arguments are always supported by proper pieces of evidence, either in the form of video clips or newspaper cuttings. Stating facts with proofs makes the audience trust him and shows clarity of thought from his end. Another thing that impressed me was his clarity of speech. …

Review of an article by Tom Siegfried, from the book “A Field Guide for Science Writers”

Tom Siegfried, in his article, discusses the idea of Science Writing with a completely new perspective. He highlights the main challenges faced by science writers, with interesting analogies from the real world.


To start with, he highlights the importance of reading for being good at writing, and while reading, one needs to be selective. The eye-catching subtitles used rightly depict the author’s creative mind. The Journal Menu talks about the “Big Four”. This is a set of four major peer-reviewed journals: Science, Nature, The New England Journal of Medicine, and The Journal of American Medical Association. These journals are considered…

It was somewhere in January 2020, when I first heard of a deadly virus called Corona, affecting numerous people in China. I was in Germany then (semester-exchange) and didn’t bother to give much attention to it, since I was too busy with my course work and in planning trips to beautiful places across Europe, oblivious of the fact that the world is soon going to be under lockdown.

I, at Zürich during my trip to Switzerland in January 2020.

Luckily, I completed my semester exams by mid-February 2020 and was to come back to India, when I again heard of the virus, this time, it was called Covid-19 and was a…

On average, a simple T-Shirt consists of nearly 1000 individual stitches. Now, think of all those stylized clothing we use on a daily basis. Stitches, stitches, and more stitches! What if we had to sew all these clothes by hand?

Well, sometimes it takes a blog like this one to discuss and appreciate the science behind simple concepts, as old as the “sewing machine”. What makes it so much better is the efficiency and a convenient design. Now, you see how this saying suddenly started making sense:

A stitch in time, saves nine.

Let’s quickly dive into the details of…

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I am Manvi Gupta, a computer science student, currently in my final year of bachelor's at the Indian Institute of Technology (IIT) Mandi. I would best describe myself as a fun-loving, though hard-working person. I hail from Patiala, also known as the Royal City of Punjab. An ardent nature lover, I like to surround myself with good books and thoughts.

This blog is the beginning of a series of scientific blogs, which I’ll be writing as part of one of my courses at IIT Mandi (HS-358 Science Writing). Being a computer science student, and keeping in mind my…

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